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Glow-in-the-Dark Jelly Penis Vibe

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Product Description

Get Your Glow On With This Sensational Cock!

Set you fantasies aglow with this realistically-detailed flexible, but firm jelly vibe! A perfect addition to your toy collection, or a great first-time vibe, this vibe has a veined textured shaft, realistic tip, and clit-thrilling nodes at the base to explore. Twist the dial at base for multi-speed vibrations that resonate through the shaft and find your favorite speed. Between the amazing textures and strong vibrations, you'll have an intensely-stimulating experience every time! Oh, and it glows-in-the-dark for even more play options!

Requires 2 AA Batteries (not included)
Product Review by Mikayla - Chicago, IL
I once saw an article that read, "approximately 80% of all women want to have sex with the lights off, and 100% of men just want to have sex!" Isn't that the truth! Well, if this happens to be true in your relationship, I have the perfect compromise - A GLOW IN THE DARK VIBRATOR! Yep, it's true, this little 7" gem not only provides wonderful vibrations, but it will shine a little light where there previously was none!

My hubby absolutely LOVES toys that have lights of any kind, so we were excited to receive the glow in the dark vibrator. I am in the 20% that doesn't mind having the lights on, but I prefer candlelight, I find it more romantic. However, if you are a man, and you want to see where your "manliness" is going... candlelight doesn't always do it justice! It is the same dilemma with a sex toy - if your partner wants to SEE the action, candlelight doesn't always do the trick!

This wonderful, green, Glow-In-The-Dark Vibrator is Wonderful - and super fun to use! It only takes 2-AA batteries, and not long at all under a light before it will shine bright! However, for maximum brightness and a long-lasting glow, I suggest setting it out under a light for a full 8 hours - perhaps hidden in your closet with the light on so nosey eyes and hands don't get to it!

My hubby and I were extremely hyped about using this vibe - and I must say, I think my hubby was more excited than I was. We lit our 6 candles - you would think there would be enough light, right? Climbed into bed and commenced foreplay. When it was time for our new toy, my hubby bounded out of bed and got it from the closet! It was glowing bright as a star! My hubby's excitement growing, I spread my legs; we lubed it up and in it went.

"That is the coolest thing I have ever seen," my hubby exclaimed with a smile! He explained to me that as the vibrator went in and out of me, the glow not only illuminated the outside, so he could see what he was doing, but also that at the very opening of my vagina, the glowing vibe sort of caused ME to glow too! Sort of like putting a flashlight up to your hand and seeing your blood through the skin between your fingers! Not only that, but he was enjoying watching the glowing green disappear and reappear into me as he pumped away! He was literally like a little kid with a cool new toy - and I was definitely reaping the benefits!

"OK Mr. Science, enough of the investigating... that toy DOES have a purpose," I ordered to him and chuckled! I was happy he was enjoying the light show, but the vibrations were getting me off and I wanted to have my orgasm! This toy has upraised veins and little "bmps" on the base which act as clitoral stimulators for an extra punch with the awesome vibrations! Honestly though, the part that was making me the horniest was how much fun my hubby was having watching me! The fact that he was watching me so closely was getting me so hot that I exploded in a massive orgasm!

"Hey... let go of my toy," griped my hubby, as I clenched down with my orgasm! When I finally released HIS new toy, my hubby came up from between my legs with a huge smile on his face - and that smile alone was worth every second of our play. OK, well the orgasm was better, but my hubby's smile was good too! Whether you are a beginner or an expert - this toy is a MUST HAVE for every couple! While you could use this toy alone - it does deliver nice vibrations and good clitoral action - using it with your partner would be so much more fun! Unleash the kid at heart in your man - buy a Glow-in-the-dark Vibrator today - you will both be smiling all the way to YOUR orgasm!

Product Review by Valntyn - Maine

Another of the new toys that arrived in this week's box, I purchased the Glow-In-the-Dark Jelly Penis Vibe with my husband in mind. I remembered Mikayla's review and how giddy her husband seemed from being able to watch this 'night light' in action. I thought to myself, "[My husband] will LOVE this!" Although, I have to admit, I was just as giddy as he was while we verbally teased each other through the afternoon about what awaited us once the sun set!

We had set the vibe (still in package) in the window, letting the sun warm it and set it aglow, but we didn't make it to the bedroom until much past sundown. Seeing as it needed to be washed anyway (new toy and to get rid of the slight jelly-smell), my hubby took it to the bathroom to wash it and let it absorb some of the bathroom light. And that short time was all it needed! Back he came into the bedroom and flipped off the lights. In the country, with no street lights, once the lights are off, it's DARK -- with the exception now of the green floating penis! *giggle*
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