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S-Hande Transparent 3-Piece Anal Plug Set

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Product Description

💫 Spice up your intimate moments with the S-Hande Transparent 3-Piece Anal Plug Set! Discover new levels of pleasure and indulge in thrilling sensations.

Each plug offers a different size, allowing you to explore at your own pace. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure! 🔥💕


Transparent Plug

The toy with a transparent design allows you to see your partner's body through the base of the toy. Satisfy your desire for private voyeurism and bring strong visual stimulation.

Safe Material

Toys made of acrylic material can perfectly adapt to your body temperature. The difference between toys and glass plugs is that toys are relatively light and will not be uncomfortable. And it's hard enough, don't worry about breaking and hurting your anus.

3 Pieces Plug

This toy is equipped with 3 different sizes of plugs, which can accompany you to grow from a beginner to an expert. Start with the smallest stopper and try gradually. Feel the incredibly pleasurable pressure of the butt plug on the inner wall of the anus.The toy is completely waterproof, it is easy to clean with soap and water.

  • SKU:Y9012
  • Material:crystal acrylic
  • Packing List:Acrylic anal plugs x 3
  • Size:Small: 2.71''*1.18''*1.18'' Medium: 3.11''*1.38''*1.38'' Large: 3.50''*1.57''*1.57''

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    S-Hande Transparent 3-Piece Anal Plug Set-BestGSpot S-Hande Transparent 3-Piece Anal Plug Set-BestGSpot S-Hande Transparent 3-Piece Anal Plug Set-BestGSpot S-Hande Transparent 3-Piece Anal Plug Set-BestGSpot S-Hande Transparent 3-Piece Anal Plug Set-BestGSpot

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