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Classics vs the New Class: The Best Sex Toys in Each Category

From tried and true to innovative and new, these sex toys are the best of the best!

Whatever your feelings are on technology (or which side of the ChatGPT debate you fall on), I think we can all agree that our lives as a whole would be much worse without it - especially our sex lives. Without technology, we wouldn’t have vibrators! And without advancements in technology, we wouldn’t have thrusting vibrators! That definitely sounds like a much worse world to us.

New technological advancements are unveiled every day, replacing a version 2.0 with a version 8.0 seemingly overnight. But contrary to popular belief, an upgraded edition of a product doesn’t necessarily render the original useless - after all, the classics are classics for a reason.

New isn’t always better - just different! It’s all about preference, really. First generations of sex toy categories and the latest iterations can offer vastly different features and sensations, so they certainly both have a place and purpose in the realm of sexual happiness (and in your bedside table).

What matters most in sex toys is not newness but quality, and we got your back there, fam. So whether you’re new school or old school, you’ll find the pleasure products in this list are at the top of their class.

1.Massage Wand Vibrators

Classic Massage Wand

The original Magic Wand vibrator is so iconic that the brand name has almost become synonymous with wand massage vibrators as a whole. The universally beloved Magic Wand has been pleasing the masses since around 1972 and is still a go-to for many over 50 years later! The toy's ultra-powerful vibrations are so strong (5,000-6,000 RPM, depending on the setting!) that it requires a plug-in design to harness the power of your home (or hotel). Whether you’re after spa-worthy back massages or addictively intense clitoral stimulation, you’ll surely find the Magic Wand has more than earned its impeccable reputation and cult following.

What customers say: "Worth the hype! If you are all about intense vibrations, [then] this is the wand for you. Personally, it lives up to the hype and is worth the price. Great for clitoral stimulation and as someone who requires intense pressure for orgasms...this delivers every time."

Bestgspot Deluxe Extra Powerful Rechargeable Wand Massager

​Wand vibrators are known for producing ultra-powerful vibrations, typically due in part to their their plug-in designs. The Bestgspot  Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator, however, is part of a new class of wand massagers that doesn’t rely on a corded power source that some users find inconvenient to give wand fans the supercharged strength and broad external stimulation they know and love. With no cord in sight (sans when it’s charging, ofc), this wand-erful toy can roam wherever you do. The Bestgspot  Rechargeable Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator also offers far more variety of vibration modes than traditional wand-style vibes, boasting 20 pleasure patterns to enjoy (many wands only have one) and 10 intensity levels to boot.

2.Wearable Couple’s Toys

Classic: Vibrating Cock Rings

Vibrating cock rings have been a mainstay for loved-up couples for ages, and with good reason - with a blood-constricting ring that gives penis owners harder, longer-lasting erections and a vibrating component that delivers hands-free clit stimulation to vagina owners, this popular sex toy category gifts something to both parties. For those who want to marry the benefits of cock rings and clitoral vibrators, it’s hard to go wrong with the Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring. The double ring design gets the testes in on the action, too, made from soft, stretchy silicone that offers a supremely comfortable wear. The bullet vibrator has various speeds and patterns to play with, so lovers can choose a buzz that works best for them and is removable for other types of play!

What customers say: "Great edition to our collection! Super flexible and really easy to put on. Comfortable for both of us, Excellent range of vibrations and speeds! Would highly recommend."

Innovative: C-Shaped Vibrators

Gone are the days when vulva owners could only rely on their partner’s wearable vibe or hold up their own during intercourse to receive beautiful buzzes during P-in-V sex. C-shaped couples’ vibrators allow for constant, hands-free clitoral stimulation AND some extra G-spot action, too, thanks to an internal arm that’s slim enough for partnered penetration yet still makes quite the erotic impact on both parties. Seeing as how We-Vibe is the originator of such sex toys, it only makes sense that they’d have the best C-shaped vibrator in the game. The Sync 2 is more than just conveniently wearable, but comfy, too - its body is adjustable for a customized fit, and its decadently soft silicone coating feels ah-mazing against your most intimate areas. The luxury couple’s vibe, of course, has all the latest features pleasure seekers crave in a toy - fully waterproof, rechargeable, body-safe, and multiple pleasure patterns and intensity levels - but where the Sync 2 really shines is its remotes. The included wireless remote is perfectly petite and incredibly intuitive to operate for seamless mode switching mid-play. Users craving a high level of control will adore the accompanying Bluetooth-enabled app, where they can create custom patterns, connect vibrations to music, and control the vibrator from even worlds apart.

What customers say: "We really enjoy this one! Quality product that fits and functions perfectly. Vibration are plenty strong and patterns feels great. Perfect for solo or couples play. Does not interfere, especially if lube is used. Battery life is more than accommodating. Very happy with purchase. Easy to clean and store."

3.G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot Vibrators

Luxurious in its design yet humble with its price point, the Desire Luxury Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator is the perfect choice for G-spots craving a targeted buzz to send them into pleasure overdrive. The vibe boasts a curved bulbous head that’s expertly designed to find and delight the G-spot. Two strong motors lie within the vibrator’s silky silicone-coated body, emitting powerful vibrations at whisper-quiet decibels. Sexual happiness seekers can also tailor each experience to their liking by surfing through the toy’s 8 stimulating vibration patterns and 12 intensity levels.

What customers say: "This is our first G-Spot toy. We spent a lot of time looking through the site for one that my wife thought would suit her. What a good choice she made. The vibrations start with a quite intense low rumble and in 12 steps gets to an amazingly strong G-spot exploding vibration. The 8 patterns are very good as well, and my wife who normally is more of a constant vibration type of girl actually loved them. The nice curve of this toy allows you to find precisely the right spot and the slightly flexible neck allows you achieve exactly the right amount of pressure. The smooth silicone is lovely to hold and an application of lube makes it easy to insert. This also works just as well as a clitoral vibrator when used alone or during foreplay and is very quiet."

Innovative G-Spot Vibrator

Just about anyone with a G-spot has explored the bliss that vibrations bring to the nerve-rich erogenous zone (can you blame us?!) but what about air pressure? There’s now an entirely new G-spot sensation to enjoy, thanks to the first-of-its-kind Womanizer OG. The sex toy trailblazers at Womanizer have translated the beloved Pleasure Air technology used in their suction vibrators into a tool to revolutionize G-spot stimulators. Using changes in air pressure to pulse and massage against the G-spot, the OG delivers a game-changing type of stimulation never before tapped into. OG users can even combine the effects of vibration and Pleasure Air technology to overwhelm their internal hot spot in ecstasy.

What customers say: "I am very excited how many different intensity level and settings this toy has. Also, it recognizes body contact and is silent when not in contact with my body. It is my new Number one for G-Spot stimulation."

Rabbit Vibrators

Classic Rabbit Vibrator

Even those who aren’t pop culture junkies or sex toy enthusiasts are likely familiar with how an episode of HBO’s Sex and the City first thrust rabbit vibrators into widespread popularity. One of the major plotlines of the now-iconic TV episode had main character Charlotte become so transfixed with her new toy (which is almost identical to the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Rabbit Vibrator) that she started ignoring other aspects of her life in favor of playing in bed alone with her bunny friend. With a vibrating clit tickler adorably resembling a bunny, an extra-stimulating shaft featuring a portion filled with rotating pearls, a bulbous vibrating head, and a non-intimidating pink hue, it’s easy to see how Charlotte got so obsessed. For many, this toy style is always what they mentally picture at the mention of rabbit vibrators. And for many still, this rabbit style will forever be their go-to.

What customers say: "Love it. Very powerful vibration. Good size. Nice look. [. . .] The design is great because it stimulates the inner and outer regions of the clitoris simultaniously"

Innovative Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators first introduced the world (of vagina owners) to the joys of dual stimulation - still an incredibly gratifying sensation blend to this day. But when you add an automatically thrusting shaft into the mix? Let’s just say Charlotte wouldn’t have EVER left her bedroom if the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator had been in play. This overachieving rabbit’s thrusts place firm pressure against the G-spot as the curved head meets its mark, all the while its velvety silicone bunny hears hum against the clitoris. As if that weren’t enough, the aptly named Greedy Girl ensures bunny hoppers will never get bored with a whopping 36 vibration combinations for them to revel in.

What customers say: "this certainly earns its name, the bunny is more than enough with various settings, making this a whole new pleasure level, then add in the movement of the shaft and its a whole new world you never knew you could reach. if you like toys, this is certainly the must have."

Male Masturbators

Classic Male Masturbator

Though relatively simple in concept, ultra-textured manual strokers like the Lovehoney Heads Up Clear Textured Stroker Cup forever changed the male masturbation game since they came on the scene. Offering a ribbed and dotted canal for intense stimulation and a closed-end case that envelopes your full member in bliss, the Heads Up Stroker Cup produces sensations that hands alone just can’t beat. Intuitive to use and clean, this clear stroker elevates solo sessions without a learning curve.

What customers say: "The toy stretches to what ever size 'you' are as the hole is on the smaller size. Great feeling of a snug fit and with lube it slides and glides beautifuly. You can squeeze air out to make it tighter to feel all the patterns inside or let the air back in for a looser more delicate feeling. Great stroker and can't go wrong with it. Definitely good for stamina training too!"

Innovative Male Masturbator

The Arcwave Ion delivers penis pleasure like never before by targeting the oft-ignored frenulum with advanced Pleasure Air technology (yes, THAT Pleasure Air tech from renowned Womanizer). As the high-tech stroker’s suction point works wonders on the nerve-rich frenulum, the lightly ribbed canal stimulates the shaft, made from smooth, flexible silicone, so that users can adjust the tightness to their liking. The Arcwave Ion’s advanced features extend even beyond playtime with its sleek charging case that simultaneously dries and powers the toy, boasting LED indicator lights that let you know when the Ion is ready for another round.

What customers say: "I needed no slow romance or time to get used to this toy! From the moment I first used it and connected with the air pressure it was phenomenal and did not take long for an intense/powerful orgasm. This has been the same [every] time I’ve used and is my number one toy. It came beautifully packaged in a modern box. The plastic charging and storage box looks like a shaving storage unit or gadget on your shelve so can be left out without any embarrassment. Battery life has been no issue and easy to charge up. Cleaning has been completely thought through with a simple twist off, of the stroker part and both bits can be washed out as fully waterproof."

Egg Vibrators

Classic Egg Vibrator

Unintimidating, intuitive to operate, and able to please multiple hot spots, classic egg vibrators like the Lovehoney Power Play 7 Function Love Egg Vibrator are a fab first sex toy that will delight far beyond first use. A lengthy cord connecting the egg to its remote ensures easy retrieval when used for penetrative play and allows users or their partners to operate vibrations at a distance. While many of today’s vibes are made from silicone, the Power Play keeps it old school with metallic gold hard plastic, offering sleek sensations and aesthetics in a form compatible with any lube formula you desire. While their shape is a surefire pleaser for G-spot joys, classic vibrating eggs are also great for stimulating external erogenous zones like the clitoris or nipples!

What customers say: "I love this versatile vibrator; high power that can be used in various places."

Innovative Egg Vibrator

With deliciously rumbly vibrations, an artfully curved body that expertly targets the G-spot, and a velvety premium silicone coating, the Lovense Lush 3 is easily one of the most luxurious egg vibrators on the market. Though any G-spot stimulation lover is bound to love the Lush 3, the whisper-quiet wearable vibrating egg is an absolute dream for fans of public play. Whisper-quiet and waterproof with a fixed tail that helps keep the vibe in place, users can discreetly enjoy the Lush 3 just about anywhere. Renowned for its groundbreaking sex tech, Lovense’s Bluetooth-enabled phone app brings boundless erotic opportunities to the Lush 3 when paired - and can be controlled from anywhere in the world. Custom vibration patterns, syncing vibrations to music or sound, sharable control links, and a seemingly neverending library of downloadable vibration patterns created by Lovense fans are all within a fingertip’s reach. And with up to a whopping FIVE hours of play on a single charge, Lush 3 users will have ample time to explore all the wonderful features this high-tech egg vibrator has to offer.