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6 Positions for Magnificent Mutual Masturbation

6 Positions for Magnificent Mutual Masturbation-BestGSpot

Just mentioning 'masturbation' brings to mind solo pleasure like no other, but did you know that mutual masturbation is a thing too? Performing hand to gland combat together allows you to share intimacies in new ways with your partner and discover exactly what gets them going in real time. If you've never tried it before, you're in for a tantalizing treat.

If you've got a partner and a willing set of palms, then we have the list for you. All these positions are great for couples with any gender configuration – if we haven't mentioned your bits, we promise the sensations will be just as saucy with whatever goods you've got.

So, get your lover ready to go and take a look at our top 6 mutual masturbation positions.

Soft Touch

soft touch

If you're eager to get started with mutual masturbation but feel a little bit shy about doing so, then Soft Touch is for you.

How: Lie on your back next to one another and take hold of your partner's hand. Keep your eyes closed and touch yourself in your favourite way, while you also enjoy listening to your partner and feeling them squeeze your hand as they play too.

Lover's Lounge

Once you're feeling more confident with mutual masturbation, why not spread things out a little?

How: Navigate into a comfortable seated position next to each other, with your legs bent and separated. Sling one leg over your partner's leg and into their lap, then begin to play. The close proximity creates a tantalizing level of friction as your legs naturally rub together, while the seated position makes it easy to catch a peek at their moves.

Peep Show

peep show

To really set things alight, try out the Peep Show position which challenges you to keep your hands off one another while giving you an all-access view of your partner's playground. If you've got a passion for fashion, this is the perfect position for flaunting your fave lingerie as well.

How: One partner settles comfortably on the edge of a bed with their legs spread, while the other kneels nearby. You can touch your partner, but only with one foot – instead, focus on watching them touch themselves where they like it most.

Club 96

club 96

Move over 69, there's a new sex position in town. No, it's not a case of 'second verse, same as the first' – Club 96 is for couples who want to see e v e r y t h i n g.

How: Lie next to one another with your heads at opposite ends of the bed and one leg lying on the other's chest. Arrange yourself so you can get an erotic eyeful while your partner watches you enjoy your favourite toy or touch.

The Proposition

The proposition

For a real intimate feel, The Proposition makes close proximity the name of the game.

How: Kneel comfortably facing each other and let your hands explore your body, hips, inner thighs and intimate areas. Be sure to keep eye contact with your partner as play progresses – it'll bring the temperature up from hot to scorching.

Wow The Webcam

wow the webcam

If distance is stopping you and your partner from sharing mutual frisky feelings, Wow the Webcam will set things right again.

How: You and your partner probably won't be in the same room for this, so it's all about finding the best angle for you. Make sure you're sitting in a comfortable position, where you still have the ability to rest a phone between your ear and shoulder. When you're ready for some visuals, turn on your camera for an all-access, intimate video call you'll never forget.

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