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Frisky Playful Pleasure Plug In Wand Massager

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Product Description

Plug-In Wand Massager

This plug-in wand massager is great for those who want external stimulation during masturbation or foreplay. The power cable is over 55 inches long and can be used for as long as you desire. This toy can also be used to relieve sore muscles and aches and pains. The flexible head allows you to place pleasure exactly where you want it. 

Best For: External stimulation and relieving muscle tension
Materials: ABS Plastic
Power Source: Power cable
Package: Manufacturer packing

How to Operate:
Turn On: Plug the product into the outlet.
Turn Off: Unplug the product from the outlet.
Functions: Plug in the toy and turn the dial upward to enable the vibrations. Turn the dial down to stop.

10 inches (Total Length)
1.8 inches (Head Diameter)
55 inches (Cord Length)

Care Tips:

Unplug from outlet before cleaning. Wipe clean with an Antibacterial Toy Cleaner and a damp cloth. Dry before storing in a cool location separated from other toys. Storage bag included with this product.
Frisky Playful Pleasure Plug In Wand Massager-BestGSpot Frisky Playful Pleasure Plug In Wand Massager-BestGSpot

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