We Will Work Together

You’ll have access to our personal mobile and email so that you can contact us at any stage. We’re here to help so for any questions you have along the way we would be happy to hear from you. We are not a faceless organization and we’ll be in regular contact with you.
We like to make sure our clients know the progress of their SEO campaign. That’s why we provide regular updates so you know exactly how your website is ranking at each step of the process. We keep you informed of any major developments in search engine optimization world and advise accordingly if there is any additional recommendations we can make for your business.
  • Ingenuity:
    • We stay current with all SEO trends and are completely on top of any changes in the industry. We are involved in a mastermind group of some of the world’s best SEO experts who we are regularly discussing and sharing ideas with. We discuss strategy in this group and quickly implement any changes into our SEO techniques to make sure your business see’s the benefit of this firsthand.

ROI (Return on Investment)

Keep building your business and make your hard earned dollars work even harder for you. Our SEO services are forward thinking and we utilize our vast network of SEO experts to ensure we stay at the forefront of SEO worldwide. Our high quality service is affordable so that you can achieve a good ROI with only a few additional sales each month. Our techniques are firm, concise and pragmatic.


SEO packages – What does a typical SEO service look like?

Many companies offer a set monthly package where they agree to perform the same tasks each month. They then produce a report showing you exactly what they have done. This helps because you can see exactly what they are working on and it looks like you are getting value for money. The problem is that this may actually do nothing to help your business get found online. If you’ve been paying for SEO services in Ireland for a number of months now, and are seeing no improvement in your rankings it may be time to look elsewhere.

What makes us different?

Our approach is different. Everything we do is aimed at getting you real world results. Results that you can be proud of and can make a real difference to your business. There is a set process we follow throughout the course of your SEO journey but we don’t perform the same tasks each month. There will be situations where some tasks are required once as part of the overall SEO campaign but it would be pointless to complete them again.


  • What We Do For You…
    • It firstly depends whether you have an existing website or not. Provided you already have a website, we will review your site and make sure there are no issues from prior SEO services and ensure your basic website structure is set up correctly. Next, we will check for penalties (that can hurt your website ranking) then make the necessary improvements to ensure your business website is fully optimized to achieve the best possible ranking.
  • Web Design…
    • If you would like to have a website created for you, we can build you a new site from scratch and make sure it is properly optimized,
    • We will check that you’re business is verified in Google My Business, and that you at least have basic social media profiles that will help build trust to your site.
  • Citations…
    • A citation is a local online business listing that includes your business name, address and phone number. Some popular local business directories in Ireland are Yelp, Hotfrog and Rate My Area. We know the best local citations to use for maximum reward. We stick with relevant high domain authority citations to build a solid foundation for your business website that will benefit your business for years to come.YouTube is another important resource that can go a long way towards dominating the first page of Google. Just imagine if your business had the top five positions in the organic search results. You might be ranking for your website, a YouTube video, Facebook page, Twitter Page and Yelp business page. This is where hiring a digital marketing agency can significantly improve the profitability of your business.
  • Where To From Here…
    • At this point we would expect to find your website has had a major move up in the organic search engine results (most likely to page 1 of Google) with our deep understanding of the search engines. Depending on where your site now ranks we may need to employ further SEO tactics to achieve the highest possible search engine ranking for your business.
    • The way that our company does things, you will rank well in the organic results, which can often push your site into the 3-pack. Gone are the days of the 7-pack so you need to be extra resourceful to push your website up into the map listings.
    • Depending on the type of package you would like to purchase, from here we can immediately start improving your businesses online presence by not just ranking the home page, but other web properties as well. This includes platforms such as: YouTube videos, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any citations we have done for you such as Yelp.
  • Taking Action…
    • If you’re ready to take you’re business to the next level and make the decision to go with us as your choice for an online marketing agency, feel free to contact us right away. We always strive to give your business an unfair advantage online.