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6 Ways to Upgrade Your 69 Sex Position


Ah, the art of 69ing—oral pleasure's versatile maestro.

Now, some of you are already on board, considering it your go-to move in the bedroom. It's a regular feature in your repertoire. But for others, 69ing might feel like a bit of a chore, something you'll agree to but not necessarily suggest. Well, fear not! I've got six playful ways to transform this classic into something truly enticing. But before we dive in:

What exactly is 69ing?
Typically, it involves one partner lying flat on their back, with the other partner on top, bodies facing each other (see illustration below).

[illustration of the 69 sex position]

The top partner is strategically turned to have oral access to the bottom partner's genitals, and vice versa—a perfect yin-yang of oral pleasure.

Why do people enjoy it?
Apart from the sensory overload of receiving and giving oral simultaneously, many find the erotic undertones of 69ing irresistibly intimate, even taboo.

Whether you're a die-hard 69 fan or a bit lukewarm about it, the following ideas will add some spice to your oral adventures.

1. Get Handsy
One common complaint about 69ing is jaw fatigue. Let's face it; all that oral action can be a workout! So, incorporate some hand play.

Switch between oral and manual stimulation. On a penis, mix things up by using your fingers, applying lube generously, and exploring the shaft, head, and testicles (be gentle at first—they're sensitive). For a vulva, consider finger play, gradually increasing intensity and even introducing arousal gel for heightened sensitivity.

Psst, need excellent lube and arousal gel recommendations? Here's one of my top-tier lubes with a subtle, woodsy essence, and this arousal gel, my personal favorite, infused with CBD for that extra blood flow.

2. Swap Roles
Switch things up between who's usually on the bottom and who's on top.

Aside from providing a refreshing twist, this switcheroo grants access to different erogenous zones. If you're usually on the bottom, being on top might allow for more exploration of inner thighs. If you're the usual top, flipping roles might reveal a newfound love for giving oral from this perspective, akin to face-sitting. Embrace the novelty!

3. Take Turns in Control
Add a dash of kink. Let one partner take charge of giving pleasure while the other luxuriates in receiving.

This not only alleviates the multitasking burden but also introduces playful power dynamics. And why stop there? Throw in a blindfold, drizzle some body-safe candle oils, or lightly trace your nails down their thighs. While you're calling the shots, consensually turn them into your willing plaything.

4. Introduce Sex Toys
As we crank up the stimulation, it's the perfect time to bring in some toys. A versatile, rumbly vibe like The Mimi by Je Joue can work wonders on the clitoris or perineum while you focus on other areas.

Pro tip: When pleasuring the clitoris, start on a lower setting, gradually increasing intensity. If you're exploring the perineum, that sensitive stretch of skin between testicles and anus, you're indirectly stimulating the prostate—cue intense orgasms.

5. Go Penetrative
Speaking of toys, 69ing provides an excellent angle for insertion toys.

Opt for a vibrating G-spot massager with a tapered tip or even a prostate massager for a bold move. Communication is key—check in with your partner before diving in. Apply lube generously and ensure they're comfortable with the sensations.

Remember, if you're the top, allow yourself some freedom in movement. Holding a plank while wielding a vibrator can be exhausting, so feel free to switch up positions for optimal comfort.

6. Sideways 69
Let's ease into a more relaxed version of this quasi-athletic position. All the aforementioned tips apply here.

Maintain the same positioning as regular 69 but lie on your sides. That's it! Use your free hands to grab each other's hips or butt, pulling them in for an urgent and sexy feel.

Et voila! A revamped 69 experience awaits. Try incorporating one or two of these tips during your next oral session, and watch as it becomes your newfound favorite in the bedroom.

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