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​Benefits of Using Lubes For Masturbation and Sex

There's a reason why we recommend using sexual lubricants whenever you're masturbating with your fingers, using a sex toy, or having sex with a partner. Adding a sensual lube really does help you to increase your sexual pleasure and enjoy more intense sensations for a better orgasm! When you use personal lubricants during sex or masturbation, you won't need to worry about discomfort due to vaginal dryness, making it easier to relax and achieve orgasm. Lube can also reduce friction for a more pleasurable experience using male masturbation toys, and it's absolutely essential when you're having anal sex or using anal toys because the anal opening does not naturally produce its own lubrication. 

We also carry a wide range of sex enhancers to increase sexual intimacy in your relationship. You can try out lubricants that create different sensations, such as warming or cooling and tingling, desensitizing lubes to help prolong the time before ejaculation, or stimulating arousal gels. Flavored lubes and lickable massage oils are great for enhancing foreplay and oral sex, so you can get closer to your partner and create a deeper, more intimate bond between you.

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What are Male Masturbators?

A male masturbator, or male masturbation toy, is a sex toy that enhances one-on-schlong time for anyone with a penis.

The different kinds of male masturbators include blow job toys and strokers, male vibrators, and masturbation sleeves. And within our sex toy collection, you’ll also find toys from famous brands such as Fleshlights and TENGA toys, which are renowned for their technology, innovation, and ability to create a truly lifelike experience.

What are the different types of male masturbators?

Male masturbation sex toys cover a broad range of devices, from Fleshlights and blow job machines to strokers and penis vibrators. Depending on the desired feeling (and the power of your imagination), you can choose a solely texture-based toy or one with a real feel and lifelike appearance to explore different areas of self-pleasure. From simulating the feeling of a mind-blowing blow job, to adding vibrations that will make you tingle, you'll find all the right sensations in our collection of male masturbation toys.

Do I need to use lube with a male masturbator?

We’d recommend using lube with your male masturbator toy to prevent any friction or irritation and to enhance the overall sensation. It’s important to check which type of lube is compatible with your male masturbation sex toy before play.

Are male masturbators safe?

Male masturbator toys are safe when they are used with plenty of your favorite lube and are cleaned properly after use. It’s important to take care of your sex toy to prolong its life so you can enjoy mind-blowing orgasms over and over again! Note: Some male masturbators, such as the TENGA Original Vacuum Deep Throat Onacup, are single-use products only. Always read the product description carefully before using your new male masturbation toy.