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Precision Pump with Erection Enhancer

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Product Description

Pump Your Way To Enhanced Erections!

Combining a powerful and precise pump with an enhancing cockring, this set has all you'll need for longer and harder erections. The flexible but tight ring fits on the base of the cylinder for a simple slide-on before removing the pump. Achieve the results you want with one simple system!

The natural evolution in enhancement techniques combining penis enlargement and erection support into one effective system. Finely crafted translucent grey cylinder with precision measurement system and stretchy erection ring that fits securely on the base of the penis. Gently slip the ring onto the base of the penis when erection is produced for an effortless transition to an ultra effective erection enhancement system. Easy grip handles on ring for easy removal.

Compatible with water-based lubricants
Precision Pump with Erection Enhancer-BestGSpot

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