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Maintenance Suggestions

Quick tips to get your toy working

Toy not working? Try these quick tips to solve common problems - let's get this show back on the road!

Try new batteries

Try your toy with new batteries and it might spring into life. Always remove batteries when your toy is not in use. Some toys will drain batteries if you leave them in while not in use, so always take batteries out when you put your toy away.

Have you put in enough of the right kind of batteries?

Different toys take different numbers and different types of batteries. Double-check the instructions that came with your toy - either on the packaging or in an enclosed leaflet. The 'specifications' section of product page on our website will also tell you which batteries your toy needs.

Have you put the batteries in the right way?

If your toy doesn't work it could be because you've put the batteries in the wrong way round. Double-check the instructions and make sure you've put the batteries in the right way round.

Check the battery compartment

Some vibrators, especially bullets, are supplied with the batteries already inserted. These often have a small paper disc in the battery compartment that needs to be removed before you can turn the vibrator on.

You can also double-check that the plastic sleeve that lines the battery compartment is in place. The plastic sleeve is needed to make the connection complete and the paper disk is there to stop the toy turning on while it's in transit.

Are the batteries sealed in plastic?

The batteries included with some toys are wrapped in a clear plastic seal. The batteries will not work while the seal is in place, so you'll need to carefully remove it.

Is your toy rechargeable?

Make sure you have charged your toy for the recommended time. Double-check the instructions - a rechargeable toy normally has a light that flashes during charging and a solid light to indicate that it is fully charged.

Don't use rechargeable batteries

It's best to use normal batteries rather than rechargeable ones. Rechargeable batteries can be slightly bigg

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